Palming the Eyes


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Blinking and Breathing




The Long Swing

  1. Stand with the feet hip width or wider, and relax the knees. Keeping the head in alignment with the spine, move the head and chest together to the right, and then to the left, looking on a parallel plane. Go as far as is easy and comfortable. Lift one arm, and let your eyes look at your index finger on that hand as it swings along with the front of your face and chest. Observe how the background is swinging in the opposite direction.
  2. Let both arms hang down by your sides, and continue to swing back and forth. Allow the scenery to go by and enjoy the sense of movement.
  3. Allow the world to go by. Allow the perception of movement as it happens; without trying to ‘grab hold’ of anything you see.
Breathe, and Blink your eyes regularly. Swing your body easily and rhythmically. Do this for some minutes.


Relaxes the whole visual system. The peripheral vision becomes more awake and engaged, while the central vision is stimulated to move more freely.