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Yes, it’s true – it is possible to improve your vision without the use of glasses, contacts, or surgeries. You can learn how to turn on your eyesight through relaxation, motion and reeducation.


Dr. Bates, an ophthalmologist in the early 1900’s, discovered that the main cause of imperfect eyesight is mental strain. He found that this strain interferes with the ability to see and interpret visual images. Lenses and surgeries help with the symptoms but they don’t do anything about the cause; and eyesight generally continues on a downward trend.

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The remedy for mental strain is relaxation. When you learn to bring motion and ease to your way of seeing, strain disappears and the healthy functioning of your eyes returns. Poor visual habits are replaced by habits that support healthy eyes and eyesight. It’s a process which is simple, sensible, and sometimes even fun.

Amazing as it sounds, thousands of people who thought they couldn’t live without their glasses have learned to see clearly without them. Besides benefiting your eyesight, practicing this ‘art of seeing’ has many positive side effects.


Common results of Vision Education include:

  • Disappearance of eyestrain and tired eyes
  • Improved depth and color perception
  • Better eye-hand coordination
  • Greater ability to relax
  • Decreased light sensitivity / increased enjoyment of sunlight
  • Freedom from the need for glasses!

Positive side effects include:

  • Increased ability to relax
  • More energy
  • Ability to do sports which require eye-hand coordination
  • Relaxed facial expressions – no more squinting and scrunching
  • Trust in your body
  • Feeling that people seem friendlier (A side effect of more relaxed facial expressions)

"When a patient says he has no time to practice, he is mistaken. He has all the time there is to use his eyes in the right way.

Or he can use them the wrong way.

He has just as much time to use his eyes properly as he has to use them improperly."

-William Bates