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A New Way of Seeing


Vision Education helps you develop relaxed habits that support the health and function of your eyes. Lot’s of us have poor habits like ignoring fatigue and ‘pushing through it’, staring, breathing shallowly, concentrating to the point of ‘tunnel vision’, squinting, and blanking out or trying to look attentive when bored. These behaviors interfere with the connection between the two parts of vision: the mind and the eyes. Vision happens primarily in the brain, and relaxation facilitates both mind and eyes to work more effectively.

We live in a culture that teaches “No pain, no gain” and we’ve learned to value effort and strain as ways to achieve our goals. But those approaches don’t work to help eyesight; in fact they hurt it. Have you ever noticed that if you try hard to remember somebody’s name, it will often elude you? It can be on the tip of your tongue, but the harder you try the farther away it seems. Then, when you stop trying to remember, it suddenly pops to the surface? Our memory, our capacity to learn, and our vision are all aspects of the brain that do not respond well to strain or force. However, they all flourish under conditions of interest, attention, and relaxation.

It is as natural for the eye to see as it is for the mind to acquire knowledge, and any effort in either case is not only useless, but defeats the end in view.

Dr. William Bates 'Perfect Eyesight Without Glasses'

Vision Education is sometimes referred to as Yoga for the Eyes because both practices engage your awareness and relaxation. When you become more aware of tension and discomfort; you have more ability to release it. Breath, posture, and your senses can all be used as feedback. This provides you with a clear path to progress, always listening to your body as your guide.

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Fortunately, natural healing approaches are much more accepted now than they were in the last decades. A renaissance of knowledge about self-healing is returning to the mainstream. Nutritional education was cut out of medical schools for decades, but now most Doctors are highly aware of the importance of nutrition in preventing many serious diseases. Daily exercise was not widely popular in the last century, yet it’s now practiced to improve quality of life at any age. Meditation - once something exclusive to the Far East- is now recognized as a useful antidote to chronic stress. And natural vision education reacquaints people with the art of seeing with their own eyes. It educates us in regaining healthy habits that support vision.