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Introductory/Group Class

Learn the Fundamentals of NVI: Take the first steps to clear vision.

A great introduction to the Basic Principles of Natural Vision Improvement: we use a combination of gentle movement exercises, visual games, and relaxation techniques. You’ll learn the essential habits to support better eyesight. Gain an understanding of the Bates Fundamentals, including techniques to:

  • Reduce eyestrain and dry eyes
  • Relax vision while driving, working, and sitting at the computer
  • Improve breathing for stress reduction
  • Expand peripheral awareness
  • Enhance clarity of vision
  • Increase enjoyment of seeing in bright sunlight
  • Use an eyechart as a feedback tool for improvement
Photograph; kids playing and teamwork


Refresher/Continuation Classes

To support you in being consistent in your practice. Help strengthen your good habits and fine-tune your eye chart practice in a playful environment. Enjoy refresher courses to help maintain and further develop clarity of vision.

Photograph: Outdoor Class Location



Encinitas, California:

Indoor/outdoor environment provides a natural setting.

Rate: $30.00 per hour per participant
  Group rates also available
  Money Back Guarantee  



Individual sessions

Personal training includes individual attention and supervision of your practice of the Bates Fundamentals. You will leave with a customized program for your continued success.

Rate: $80.00 per hour
Package Rate: $360.00 for 5 sessions
  Money Back Guarantee


Phone consultations

Contact me for a questionnaire to make the most of our work together.

Rate: $60.00 per hour
Package Rate: $250.00 for 5 sessions
  Money Back Guarantee


Offsite Classes

The Fundamentals are useful for everyone. It’s my belief that if more schoolchildren were practicing the Bates Fundamentals from an early age, the epidemic of adults with poor eyesight would be a thing of the past. For people with heavy computer workloads: simple techniques used while working and during short breaks throughout the day, can make all the difference in alleviating headaches, eyestrain, and in improving clarity.

Arrange a class at your school or office. Contact me for more details.


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For More Information Contact Sheela at:

Phone (760) 271-7927