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I had great vision as a kid, but when the teen years set in, I lost it. Starting high school was socially very stressful for me. I remember walking down the corridors, often thinking, “I don’t want to see them.” I avoided the lunchtime cafeteria scene by ducking into the safety of the library, to read. Soon after this period, I discovered that I couldn’t see clearly across the street.

When I got glasses for myopia and astigmatism, I could immediately see details much more clearly; but the first time I wore them for a whole day I was shocked at how poorly I saw afterwards! They always “felt weird” to me. I couldn’t get used to the glasses, and never got into the habit of wearing them.

At the age of 23, I went to India to live in an Ashram, and my days were filled with meditation, work, and dancing. There was an emphasis on being “authentic”, and this was a source of incredible inner relaxation for me. I remember sitting at the back of an outside hall that accommodated several thousand people. I’d open my eyes after meditating, and enjoy watching everyone and everything with crystal clarity. I’d stumbled upon the ability to see clearly again.

In my late 20’s, while working 12 to 15 hour days managing a hotel, my eyes began going blurry once more, and I finally accepted that I needed glasses again. I was also suffering from chronic neck and back pain, and had gained 45 lbs over the course of 4 years. I realized that all of this might be related to stress and bad habits, but continued on until my back went out and I had serious pain. Fortunately, I then started taking steps to change my habits.

Once I had new routines of eating, drinking and moving; my body gradually came back to being fit, strong and flexible. But I still hadn’t found the way to regain my vision. Around this time I became a Massage Therapist and learned, through my clients, the importance of reducing stress in allowing healing to happen.

While I was studying to be a Holistic Health Practitioner, I heard about a weekend workshop offered for Natural Vision Improvement. I went, and spent several days playing simple games, doing movement exercises and practicing relaxation techniques. When it was over, I felt relief from my chronic eyestrain! I had glimpses of clearer eyesight, and finally knew what I could do to improve my vision!

Over the years, I studied with many wonderful teachers, and found that it’s a truly Holistic path to better vision, with many positive side effects.

For the last 12 years, my eyesight has been 20-20, and I’ve enjoyed the ability to see clearly and easily. I’ve also had periods of stress when I slipped back into patterns of mental tension. When that happens, my vision begins to blur, which reminds me to get back to my good habits again. At 58 years old, my vision is great; I can even read the smallest print as easily as any teenager.

Eyesight is not static. It’s like weight, strength, or energy, and changes with the way we eat, sleep, move, and even think. When my eyes are anything less than clear, it’s a signal to use the Bates essentials, which are key to looking at things in a more relaxed way.

Visual habits may seem subtle, but they are powerful! Not only do I enjoy good eyesight through this process, but it’s also an enjoyable way to live. I love to share this, and invite you to join me in the exploration.


I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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